Alternative Marriage Styles Adapted By Swingers

Nov 16th, 2011
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There are a lot of different alternative marriage styles that have been adapted by swingers. You will find that swingers that have been doing it a while are often married and will swing with their partners. This is something that actually can help to make their relationship stronger and more fun. While swinging isn’t for every couple it is something that can be a lot of fun for the people involved. Here are a few of the more popular marriage styles that swingers enjoy.

Open Marriages

Open marriages will typically mean that you and your partner can have relationships outside of your marriage. You may date frequently or just have sex with other people. Some open marriages will result in each partner having one or two other relationships in addition to the person that they are married to.

Wife Swapping

Wife swapping is a popular style of marriage with swingers. This way you and your partner will be able to swing together and always have a partner for the other. You will find another couple that is interested and the wives will go with the other husbands and they will have a night of fun.

Swinging Couples

When it comes to your typical swinging couples they will usually swing with just about anybody. This means that if a single swinger comes to a meeting or is at the same club as them, then they will sleep with them if they wish. No swinger has to be in a relationship to swap spouses with them.


Threesome MMF Tips and Tricks

Oct 16th, 2011
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When it comes to threesomes with MMF there are a lot of tips and tricks that you should be aware of. Many times people that are interested in threesomes will often find themselves unsure of what to expect or what to do. It is a good idea for you to make yourself aware of the different tips and tricks that can make the experience that much more enjoyable for everybody that is involved.

For Her

Whenever you are a female in a MMF threesome you will need to make sure that you are completely prepared. This can often mean having plenty of lube on hand and letting the men know what you are expecting. This can help to make the situation one that is less awkward and more enjoyable for everybody. Make sure that you know what you are okay with and what you do not want to have happen during the act.

For Him

As a man you need to be sure that you and the other guy are comfortable around each other. Considering what will be happening you will have to at least come together and understand what the other wants to do and what she is expecting. You will both have to find a rhythm and figure out what works best for each other.

Finding People

Whether you are a man or a woman it can be difficult to find this particular kind of threesome. Make sure that you find men and a woman that you can trust to make it a good time.


Free Swinging Erotic Stories

Sep 3rd, 2011
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There are plenty of free swinging erotic stories that you will be able to find. A lot of swingers and those interested in swinging will love to read these swinger stories to help them to get in the mood. Whenever you want to know how to find these stories or create your own you will find that there are a lot of different ways to go about it. You can even find different genres of erotic stories to pick and choose from.

Finding Stories

When you go online you will be able to find a lot of different stories that you can choose from. Look for stories that are going to entice and excite you. You will find that whenever you go online you will have a lot of different options when it comes to the types of swinger stories that you can choose from. You may have to read a few duds before you are able to find a site with authors that you can really get into.

Writing Stories

Writing stories is something that can be just as fun and exciting as reading them. There are a lot of swingers that have a gift of being able to tell a good sexy story. If you feel like you have the ability to excite others with your writings, then look for sites that will allow you to try your hand at writing these stories.

Types of Stories

There are a lot of different kinds of erotic swinger stories. There are some that are more realistic while others will try to go more along in the science fiction genre.


Swinger Groups Online Who Host Adult Parties

Aug 2nd, 2011
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There are plenty of swinger groups online who host adult parties. If you find yourself interested in participating in one of these parties, then you have a few things to learn. You will find that whether you want to host or go to one of these parties you will have to know how to find them and where to look. If you decide that you want to host, then you will have to prepare a lot more than a person that simply wants to show up.

Finding Adult Parties

Finding these parties can be difficult at first. You should look through the swinger sites that will have local information for you to read. You will also need to go to your online locals section and see if anybody mentions a swinger party that you can attend. You will have plenty of options when you go online.

Hosting Adult Parties

Hosting these parties can be a lot of fun but challenging. If you want to host a party, then you of course need to find people that can go. You can post information online on local swinger sites and also on your online local pages.

Getting the Invite

Getting the invite is something that is sometimes difficult to do. Some swingers will only host parties for swingers that they know. You will need to get to know some local swingers usually before you can find information on more of the meetings going on. Most feel that getting the invite can be well worth the trouble.


Online Swinger Articles for Novice Swingers

Jul 25th, 2011
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There are plenty of online swinger articles for novice swingers. If you happen to be new to swinging, then you will probably find yourself looking for a lot of different information you can find on the topic. It can be scary and overwhelming whenever you are a new swinger. It is a good idea to get all of the helpful advice that you can get. Here are a few of the different places that you can find some great swinger information.

Finding Swinger Info

You will find that when you go online you will have a lot of different swinger information coming at you left and right. You will need to think about what type of information is going to be helpful and what will not. If you have specific questions, then find sites that will be able to answer these for you. When you know what you want to ask it makes it a lot easier when it comes to finding the right information.

Starting Off

Whenever you are starting off you will need to try to find swingers. This is something that can be difficult at first. When you go online you will be able to find plenty of swinging dating sites where you can find swingers. You can also go to your local personals to find people that you can have some real fun with.

Helpful Tips

It is a good idea for you to make sure that you are honest with the swingers that you are hooking up with. Let them know that you are new to swinging; they will take care of you.


Advice for Experienced Swingers

Jun 18th, 2011
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There is plenty of advice for experienced swingers that you should be aware of. There are a lot of swingers that have been doing it for a while and think that they know everything that there is to know. You will find that a lot of experienced swingers find they are in a rut or get burned out. You should always take the time to be careful and keep things interesting while you swing.

Always Be Safe

It is so important that you are safe while you swing. It is a fact that swingers are more likely to catch an STD than a prostitute. This is because swingers get too comfortable in what they do and they get to know the group that they swing with. You may forget that the group that you swing with may have another group that they swing with. You are always at risk for catching something so protection should always be used.

Finding New People

It can be boring to swing with the same people over and over again. It can also take away from the fun of swinging. If you want to be able to really get into the fun of swinging you will have to take the time to find new people that can keep it fun and interesting for all those involved.

Don’t Get Burned Out

Make sure to take some time away from swinging. While this is a fun and exciting lifestyle you may find yourself getting burned out on it if it is all you do.